"Romesick" — Producer/Storyboards

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Sometimes, you oversee a project and just can't resist stepping in to do some of the artwork yourself! I saw some potentially fun, unwritten character acting and shot set-ups while reading the script, so I took the helm of storyboarding to try and further accentuate the unique sense of humor the episode conveyed. 

"One For the Pages"Writer/Producer/Storyboards

  • Finished product:

My first writing opportunity with the channel! I wanted to start off by writing a big thank you letter to the fanbase of the franchise, so I dug through many past episodes and iterations of Pencilmate to see what kind of story I could muster up... and it hit me: "What if Pencilmate met himself? Even better, what if he teamed up with himself to go to war with Pencil?!" It was a fun challenge, and matching designs and styles of other episodes, as well as finding a voice actor to mimic the the original dialogue voice, were tricky, but I feel like the end result of this one really paid off. If you watch the other episodes in this compilation, you can see all the different versions of Pencilmate in their original settings!

"Park For the Course" — Writer/Producer

Anyone relate to this kind of scenario? As someone who was both raising a toddler and had a grandmother with Dementia, I think a story like this was bound to come out eventually. This one was actually planned for completely different characters, but as development went on, I realized it was best to shift things over to a more responsible, level-headed character, and Pencilmiss was a perfect fit! Then it was a matter of figuring out what types of people are difficult to get into a car... why, children, and the elderly of course! I just loved the dynamic of three generations interacting over something simple to show how we become more serious as we age, only to revert back to a child-like demeanor.

"Making a Scene" — Writer/Producer

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This concept came from a wonderful thought by my Production Coordinator: "What if an episode of Pencilmation was done on parchment paper with a quill pen?" I loved the idea, and it naturally evolved into figuring out what the characters would look and act like if that were the case. It was so fun to make wacky Pencilmation characters act like high-brow actors. This opened the story to take a jab at snobbish and academic artists who don't just make art for the love of what it is. And enter comedian Pencilmate! To further emphasize the contrast between the two types of performers, we had the music switch back and forth between banjos and baroque pieces—combine it all together, and you get a fun mish-mash that encourages viewers to embrace being themselves!

"Bad Shortsmanship" — Writer/Producer

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  • Finished product:

This was a special episode to me as I had the opportunity to create a new character in Pencilmation canon. I am always intrigued by the idea of disruptions in comedic balances or justice—Jerry (from Tom & Jerry) having a mouse of his own to chase around, someone who annoys even Spongebob. And so I thought, what if Mini-Mate had a tiny antagonist to worry about? Would he need help? Who else could he turn to other than the very person he terrorizes! I wanted Tiny-Mate to be a lot more clearly mischievous from the start, so I gave him an underbite and thick monobrow to make him look downright impish. The final gag with the police car was exceptionally fun to come up with and explore visually, and I loved how that came out!

"It's Now or Neverland"Writer/Producer

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  • Finished product:

This was one of my all-time favorite episodes. Basically, what if Peter Pan took place with Gen Z kids? The immediate contrast that came to my mind was iPads and wooden swords. As funny (and frustrating) as this scenario would be, I like to think that all kids are the same, regardless of where or when they come from. It was my first take or spoof of a classic story with a Pencilmation twist, and I only wish I was able to do more of these! We wanted to do something different for the title card, making it a part of the story, so we worked out how to have it set up the mysterious tone of Pan visiting the balcony that's become so iconic. We wanted to encourage kids to use their imaginations and go outside, while taking a jab at how aggressive and aggravated older folks can become towards the youth of their time.

"A Pencil's Life For Me" — Writer/Producer

Oftentimes, there's more to everyone's story, why they're the way they are... and I realized Pencil is likely no exception! That got me thinking about parenthood, and how kids can sometimes accuse adults of being sticks in the mud while coming off ungrateful and spoiled. That, too, likely applies to Pencil. What if this dynamic, in addition to its creativity and talents being stifled for mundane work, are all contributing factors to why Pencil comes off as a bully or curmudgeon? What an interesting perspective! But, what enticed me more than anything was the challenge of doing an episode all around the Pencil itself, and telling an authentic story about a character with no facial expressions, voice, or body language.

"Something Tricked This Way Comes..." — Writer/Producer

I had the privilege of getting to make a holiday episode for the series, and I knew exactly which one to do! I wanted to keep the episode format simple and minimalistic, like a stageplay/sitcom, to emphasize a story on the fundamental heart of Halloween: trick-or-treating—especially when lame treats are involved. I pulled out all the stops, reminiscing which treats I would never want as a kid, and warning of the dire consequences for not properly treating a master trickster...

& Many More!

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Team Bible: Designs & Character Bios

While working with so many different artists on these episodes was inspiring and fun, it also presented many challenges where we found ourselves repeating a lot of the same feedback across multiple projects. So, I devised and created a show bible for the team I supervised. This helped tremendously in organizing our expectations, but also unified our overall style and made things fit closer to my own style and vision.


"War and Peas" — Producer/Storyboards

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  • Storyboards:
  • I took one look at this script and immediately saw a chance to make a giant love letter to Star Wars, haha. While the story was meant to be a simple space adventure, I wanted to take it further and delve into prospects Pencilmation had never done before, taking heavy inspiration from the 2-D Clone Wars series. Production got a good amount in, but we were never able to find a 3-D animator to make the cell-shaded ships the way we wanted, and we ultimately had to set this episode aside.


    "Nice Digs" — Writer/Producer

    This episode wasn't completed before departing from the company, but I wanted to share it anyway. I was very proud of the accomplishment of syncing animation to a classical music piece. It was a challenge, but also a blast coming up with all the different ways Mini-Mate could expand his map, as well as how we could keep pummeling Pencilmate! Also love the title card the team developed, and had to share that as well!
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    This project was crucial to me as an individual, writer, artist, and person of faith. If you ever want to get to know me, this is the book to check out! As spirituality is a very important part of my life, I wanted to express my beliefs... but I really couldn't find a way to put it into words. So, I didn't. Burning the midnight oil, I chipped away at bringing my values to paper, which ultimately ended in this book.



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      Read Chapter 1!

      An idea almost 20 years in the making! I have always been in love with these characters and their world, and after scrapping and restarting several times, I am finally ready to dive into this story at a level I had always envisioned from the start. I wanted an epic adventure containing everything I love in storytelling: cartoon humor, heavy mythology and lore, lovable characters, adventure, action, sci-fi and fantasy, and dark and deep character development. Welcome to the melting pot of controlled chaos that is Mad, Rad Ninja!



        • Manuscript
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        This was a fun little project I developed for my congregation's Purim celebration that ended up blowing up and bringing opportunities way beyond what I could imagine! The goal of this project was to bring an engaging story that would keep kids interested in hearing the story of Esther.

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