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It's pronounced "Gloid..."

(like "Floyd," but with a "G.")

Justin R. Gloyd is a writer and producer. If he sees a story that needs to be shared, he will invest in whatever medium works best, whether it's for comics, video games, music, movies, etc., using his maximizing capabilities to bring everything he collaborates on depth, richness, and most importantly, engaging fun! He has a strong love and affinity for cartoons, which often reflects in his own works. 

Gloyd has written and supervised for Pencilmation for over four years, in which he wrote and edited scripts, as well as oversaw every step of episodes within his team, from storyboards to finished product, ensuring quality, style, and vision of the story were fulfilled. (You can see his contributions here.)

He has worked on comics, picture books, and other collaborative projects, too! 

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