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Hello there, and welcome to my new blog! I've been hard at work revamping my site and cleaning up house, and I'm very excited to share everything with you.
I have also been doing a lot of cleaning house in myself. I have been a little quiet over the past few years, but rest assured I have still been plenty busy learning and growing, both as an artist and as a person!
I have been attending Noah University to learn how to craft my artwork into a business. This was something I had kept trying to do on my own but had no knowledge on how and could never get anything off the ground... I've been buzzing around in the shadows studying and training, and it's finally time to come out into the light!
This blog is where you will be able to find behind the scenes posts on current projects, words of encouragement, and even personal updates and creative musings, like poetry and sketches. I hope you'll hop into the Gloydverse and enjoy the ride!
Thanks for stopping by!
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