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New Pieces to Support Ukraine

Art Supporting Ukraine

Hey guys, first blog on the new site! 

I've been really moved by the events going on in Ukraine, both by the bravery of the Ukrainian military and of the Russian people standing up to their government against war. 

For a while, I figured my opinion didn't really matter on the subject and that I wasn't well known enough to make a difference...

But I was hit to my core when I saw a video clip of a little boy with a white backpack waiting to get on the bus with his family of refugees.

After that, thoughts and memories rushed through my brain about past events in this world, and the importance of choosing to speak up for people facing war against oppressors. 

I know I'm really behind striking the coal while it's hot, these took me longer than I thought they would! But, it's never not cool to remember people in need and try to help out anyway we can.

While Ukraine's efforts holding their own have been incredible to say the least, they can use all the help they can get...

That's why I'm selling these pieces on my site, and all proceeds (any profits after production and shipping costs) will be donated to to send aide to the Ukrainian crisis (you can find out more here).

Explore the Collection

Hope you can find it in your heart to support, and thanks for stopping by!

Until we talk again,


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