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I Suck At Blogs

(But I'm Doing It Anyway)

Ok, I'm gonna level with you guys—I am no blogging expert. In fact, you're gonna find out there are a lot of things that I wouldn't exactly be classified as an "expert" in, as you get to know me more through these entries...

But if there's one thing you take away from these blogs, I hope it's that expertise has nothing to do with your qualification to improve, to voice yourself, to connect with others, and to serve something bigger than yourself.

This little "hub," as you might call it, will really be the heart of where I'm coming from, as an artist, a father, a person of faith, a man, and just as a human being. This blog really is the Gloydverse! I'll be posting an array of things on here, like words of encouragement, personal struggles, behind the scenes posts, updates on projects and events, how-to tutorials (again, no claim to being an expert!), extra art and writings, and even insight and opinions from the perspective of a creative individual in a very odd position within the industry/market. None of it will be perfect—far from it as we're getting started! But I'm going to take the plunge anyway. And here's why:

I want to improve. A lot of people, including myself, feel they aren't really qualified to talk about things in their fields of interest because they're not great writers or speakers, or they don't have the skill sets needed to touch on topics. Bottomline: nobody wants to be wrong. But the funny thing, nobody starts out as an expert! Everyone starts from the bottom, with little to no experience. And what's the best way to reach that level? To start! To keep trying, learn, be corrected, find better ways to do things, then do that. But none of that is gonna happen unless you take that first step into not knowing what the heck you're doing.

I want to voice myself. We're in an age where saying what you think can come at a very high cost. People's careers have been cancelled at the drop of a hat because of things said or done on Twitter. Just a few button presses, and boom! You're outta here. It's no wonder why people are always walking on egg shells when it comes to their opinions (and, as you'll find out over time, I will have quite a few opinions that will not appease the masses).

However—and this is a big, fat however—I believe this short age needs to come to an end. I think people should be allowed to say what they think and feel and talk it out with others, let alone artists! We should be allowed to disagree with others over topics and matters that doesn't disqualify us from human interaction. If I truly believe these words, and I want to see them come to fruition, then I need to be an advocate for them. I want to express myself fully, and as early as possible. No hiding, no surprises. You'll get all of me. If you don't agree, that's fine. If you don't like me, ignore me.

I want to connect with you. Being an artist is lonely. Trying to pursue it as a career is an uphill battle with no success in sight (at least, that's how it is for me starting out). So, I figured what better way to find and connect with an audience than to not have an audience at all, but a network? Social media is nice, but I don't just want to be like, "Hey, here's some more art, praise me" (though I wouldn't be opposed to it!). I want to talk about things, hear what you guys have to say, keep you up to speed on what's going on, without all the clutter of other profiles and pages buzzing around.

I want to serve something bigger than myself. There's a lot of confusion, anxiety, depression, and shame going around out there (believe me, I know)—and I want to do what I can to help out, whether through artwork and writing, letting you know that you're not alone in all this chaos, or even just to make you laugh or feel excited for a moment. It's a massively overwhelming feeling taking that on... but isn't that the point?? Otherwise, it wouldn't be called "something bigger than myself," right? But hopefully my drop in the world's in the bucket can be added to more drops and we can fill it to the brim!

Basically, none of those things are gonna happen if I don't get off my keister and start squawkin'!

So, here goes nothin'! I hope you'll join me as we venture through this blog. You can join my newsletter (below the comments) to get updates on future posts and projects. Let's take the plunge together!



....Ok, so what do I do now? 😆

Sucking at something is the first step to becoming sorta good at something. — Jake the Dog
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